Back in the Day (Music Videos and More)

This is a music video I directed from a track produced by Joy Askew, Danny Gottlieb, Danny Caccavo and myself. Lyrics by David Greenberg.
The first video I produced for Rubber Rodeo, before they got signed by Polygram. Directed by David Greenberg. 
I produced this video for Polygram Records. I was a big fan of Kurtis Blow back in the day. Directed by Claude Borenzweig
I wrote and produced the music portion of this clip. Video directed by Joan Jubela (and Stan Davis.) 
I produced these tracks with the Poison Dollies, one of the first all girl metal bands. They appeared in the film "Rejuvenator" directed by Brian Thomas Jones. 
After "How The West Was Won" we did some videos for Rubber Rodeo after they signed to Polygram. This collection got a GRAMMY NOMINATION. We lost to David Bowie. 
Another one for Rubber Rodeo and Polygram. Released by Sony. The "Scenic Views" collection was called "one of the few music video collections to hold together with conceptual integrity" by the Rolling Stone Guide to Music Video. 
I wrote and produced the music for this and then directed the live action segments on the Dr. Ruth/Regis Philbin shooting stage. 
The Comateens. I produced for Polygram. Directed by David Greenberg. Special cameos from Pat Dinizio and Dennis Diken of The Smithereens. 
"In A Pig's Eye" - Feature film that I produced. Written and Directed by John Saffron. Performances by Marian Seldes and David Canary. Legendary screenwriter Garson Kanin said "This is, without question, a must see."