Relaxed and comfortable writing, recording and mixing environment in convenient West Side location

Offering Artist Development in Los Angeles...or Anywhere!


I think one of the most important things about how I approach music production is the unique way in which I work with the artist to find the sound they want to create. Helping them to sound amazing and unique, and find their sound. 

It's not about technology. It's about creativity. It's about who you are and what you want to say as an artist. Using the studio as an instrument of creation, together we can meet goals, push boundaries and most importantly, FIND YOUR SOUND.

I work on a flat per song fee that gives us time to experiment. It allows us some time for exploration and trial and error. Because sometimes the first idea is the right one, and sometimes it’s not.

Contact me to discuss your goals, vision and sound!

All genres are welcome.


At Your Service...  

-Complete Production Services  
-Artist Development 
-Co-Write/Collaborator (Music and Lyrics) 
-Bassist/Vocalist/Musical Director  
-Career Strategy Consultation, Coaching and Support 
-Creative Rejuvenation and Reinvention  


Guitar and Bass Collection:  
Fender Stratocaster - 1985  
Fender Precision Bass - 1967 
Gibson SG Standard - 1990 
Gibson EB-3L Bass - 1968 
Danelectro Baritone Guitar 
Taka Acoustic Guitar 
JWFitts - Handmade Electric Guitar 
Kala - UBass (Fretless)  
Macintosh iMac - 18 Gig Ram 
Macbook Pro  
SPL Crimson Audio Interface and Monitor Controller 
MOTU Ultralite MK3 
Mackie MR8 MkII Speakers (8” Woofer) with Matching Sub-Woofer 
M-Audio BX-5 Speakers  
Auratone TV Speakers.  
FMR Audio - RNC Compressor 
Radial JDI - Stereo Direct Box 
AKG C4000B - Condenser Mic  
Shure SM-58 – Dynamic Mic 
Novation Launchkey 49  
Kensington Trackballs 
Traktor S8 DJ Controller (Stems Compatible.)  
Traktor 2.1 Software 
Maschine 2 Controller 
Digital Performer 9 
Logic 10 
Albleton Live 8 
Mainstage 3 
Synth Plug-ins: 
Kontakt Player 
Komplete 10 
Digital Performer Synths  
Drum Machines and Loops: 
Native Instruments Maschine2 
Spectrasonics - Stylus RMX 
Loop and Sample Library 
Sound Processing Software: 
Waves Package 
Metric Halo Channel Strip 
Dada Life Sausage Fattener 
Antares Harmony Engine 
FabFilter Delays  
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 
Rob Papen Delay  
Sound Toys Echo Boy, Filter Freek  
Valhalla Shimmer Reverb  
Aphex Vintage Exciter  
Chris Lord Alge Series Plug-ins. (Waves) 
Eddie Kramer Series (Waves)  
Greg Wells Voice Centric (Waves)  
iZotope - Nectar 
iZotope - Ozone 
Re-Fuse Lowender  
Eventide Harmonizer (Waves) 
Creativity extras/Amenities:  
Starbucks “Barista” Espresso machine  
Extensive Exotic Tea Collection (Chinese, Indian, Organic)  
Air Conditioner