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'Paradise Has Fallen' Lyric Video

DJ TROTSKY x Joni Mitchell "Woodstock" REMIX



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The DJ Trotsky Collection Vol. 1

DJ Trotsky

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10 DJ Trotsky originals & re-imagined covers for just $1.99!

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  1. 1 Ocean 04:21
  2. 2 Paradise Has Fallen - (feat. Shannon Hurley) 04:31 Info
  3. 3 Ghost 05:28
  4. 4 Sticks and Stones- DJ Trotsky 04:14
  5. 5 I'm Lovin' You Now 04:05
  6. 6 Breaks My Heart (808 Remix)- koralee vs. dj trotsky 03:37 Info
  7. 7 Down Payment Blues - (AC/DC Cover) DJ Trotsky 04:01 Info
  8. 8 This Song is Not About You 02:58
  9. 9 Porch Fire 06:35
  10. 10 Groove Garden 07:21

Producer | Songwriter | Artist Development

David Brownstein (aka DJ Trotsky) is a Los Angeles, CA based songwriter, producer and mixer creating emotionally authentic, harmonically rich pop, electronic, rock and alternative music.  
Working in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles he has produced and written rock, pop, funk, rap/hip-hop, country, dance and metal and is currently co-writing, collaborating and developing a new generation of popular artists.  
His current projects combine electronic sounds, foundations and textures with organic instruments, exceptional vocalists, strong melodies and positive lyrics.  And always a great bass line.  
A Grammy nominated music-video producer and award-winning filmmaker he has traveled the world as a leadership and business coach for the Entertainment Industry.